Project Description

Used Oil Services

Used oil and automotive fluids can be recycled into a re-usable alternate product or fuel. After its initial use, we collect the oil, analyze it and process it for energy recovery. With a focus on environmental impact, you can be certain that Enterprise Oil adheres to exceptional safety standards, regulatory compliance, and proper handling/transportation of your used materials.

To assist in managing your used oil program to prevent overflows/spills/emergencies we can schedule you into a route (ex. monthly, weekly pick-ups) or on an as-needed basis. We work hard to be a partner that simplifies the process for you while offering options that work best for your capacities and needs.

Other liquids we take:

  • used antifreeze

  • used coolant

  • transmission fluid

  • used hydraulic oil

  • diesel fuel

  • fuel oil

  • #4 or #6 oil


  • Used oil filters

  • Oily debris/absorbents

We crush and recycle used oil filters. We can ensure oily debris/absorbents and other shop materials are properly disposed of.

No minimum quantities. Competitive pricing.

For questions or details on any of the services we offer, please contact us.